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Gum Disease Treatment Without Scalpels or Incisions

Traditional osseous surgery for gum disease is effective and safe, though many patients find it to be invasive and uncomfortable. Modern laser gum disease treatment has revolutionized periodontal therapy procedures, making them safer, more comfortable, and highly convenient for patients. Dr. Steven Feldman is one of the early adopters of laser protocols in dentistry, having co-founded a technique to perform laser perio therapy without anesthetics in 1993. An advocate for laser dentistry, he has been providing laser gum disease treatment in Venice, FL, since 1991 and completes virtually 100 percent of his gum disease treatment using minimally invasive dental lasers. Dr. Feldman is highly experienced in all laser periodontal therapy and soft tissue procedures and laser treatment for dry mouth.

Dr Feldman talks about laser gum disease treatment

How Laser Gum Disease Treatment Works

Gum disease in an inflammation of the gum tissue caused by toxins released from plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth. A progressive disease, it can lead to damaged gum tissue and bone and has been linked to systemic complications such as heart disease. Laser gum disease treatment halts this progression from taking over and increasing the risk for tooth loss.

Laser gum disease treatment removes the diseased tissue from around the teeth, without harming healthy soft tissue. Next, additional plaque and tartar is cleared from the tooth roots and the bone is reshaped if it has been damaged. Along with preserving the gum tissue, the dental lasers also sterilize and cauterize the treatment site to encourage more rapid, safer healing. For most patients, highly precise and non-invasive laser gum disease treatment means they can return to normal activities the day after treatment!

Benefits of Laser Gum Disease Treatment

  • Eliminates gum disease-causing bacteria
  • Kills odor-causing bacteria which freshens breath
  • Eliminates the need for scalpels and sutures
  • Rarely requires dental sedation
  • Little post-procedure downtime
  • Regeneration of new tissue

The Proof is in Our Patients

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Laser surgery to eliminate gum inflammation

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