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Technology-Driven, Personalized Gum Disease Treatment

The gums and jaw bone play an important role as support structures around the teeth. If plaque is allowed to build up on the surface of the teeth, the resulting presence of bacteria will release toxins that irritate and inflame the gum tissue. This inflammation, gingivitis, is the first stage of gum disease, and will remain present or worsen over time if not properly treated. This is where our expertise comes into play. As a periodontist, Dr. Steven Feldman is specifically educated and trained in all diseases and treatments related to the gums and has over 40 years of specialized experience treating gum disease. With technology-driven diagnoses and personalized treatment, he provides periodontal care for every stage of gum disease, utilizing time-tested conventional techniques and laser periodontal therapy. Our treatments for gum disease in Venice, FL, include:


Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is the first step for treating gum disease in Venice, FL. This non-surgical treatment is comprehensive cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup above and below the gum line by scaling the teeth. Root planing smooths the surface of the tooth roots. Removing these inflammatory toxins and smoothing the teeth encourages healthy gum tissue to reattach and lessen the depth of the periodontal pockets prone to bacterial buildup.


Laser Periodontal Therapy

Dr. Feldman is specially trained in using state-of-the-art lasers to eradicate gum disease-causing bacteria through a minimally invasive procedure. After scaling and root planing the laser is passed over areas of infection where bacteria is eliminated, diseased tissue is removed and healthy tissue remains unharmed. This treatment causes little to no bleeding, swelling or discomfort.


Osseous (Flap) Surgery

More aggressive forms of gum disease, including situations when scaling and root planing is not effective, require a surgical approach. Osseous surgery involves incising and lifting the gums back to gain access to the tooth roots and bone so they can be treated and smoothed. The goal of osseous surgery is to remove all traces of bacteria and infection and halt destruction of the bone and gum tissue. The gums are trimmed and sutured back in place to heal.


Periodontal Maintenance

With the conclusion of gum disease treatment, the health of the gums is monitored through routine “deep cleanings” called periodontal maintenance. During a periodontal maintenance visit, tartar buildup is removed from the teeth above and below the gum line and surrounding periodontal pockets. The depth of these pockets is checked and antibiotics may be placed to help promote faster and healthier healing and to discourage future bacterial buildup.

Gum disease treatment improves oral health by:

  • Restoring health and function to the gums and teeth
  • Ridding the mouth of harmful bacteria and toxins
  • Removing plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth
  • Reducing the depth of the periodontal pockets
  • Preventing future inflammation and infection

Dr. Feldman Talks About Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Feldman talks about gum disease treatment

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