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Bridging the Gap Between Tooth Loss and Dental Implants

Bone grafting is a procedure that replaces bone in the jaw after tooth loss. Commonly, bone grafting is performed so that a patient has enough jaw bone volume and density to receive dental implants. Many advancements in bone grafting in Venice, FL, have made the procedures much less invasive and more comfortable for the patient. Along with minimizing trauma to the hard and soft tissue during treatment, we have the technology to accelerate regeneration and healing of these tissues after your bone grafting procedure is complete. That means a faster recovery and less time you have to wait for dental implants! Bone grafting procedures range from simple to a more complex sinus lift and require the expertise of a skilled implant dentist like Dr. Steven Feldman to carry out the best treatment option for your needs.

The Bone Grafting Process

The purpose of bone grafting in Venice, FL, is to restore the proper volume and density of bone in the jaw to safely accommodate dental implants. To promote the healthiest environment and improve healing, we utilize some of the most advanced techniques and technology, such as PIEZOSURGERY® and plasma rich growth factors. Bone grafting is a surgical process involving incising of the gums to gain access to the underlying bone. We provide sedation options [link to sedation] to ensure your comfort. During your bone grafting procedure, bone grafting material is placed at the treatment site along with plasma rich growth factors or bone morphogenic proteins to encourage healing. With a collagen membrane in place and the gums carefully sutured, the area is allowed to heal. In a matter of months, your jaw bone will be strong enough for dental implants.

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Our Bone Grafting Techniques and Technology


Sinus Lift

Simultaneous shrinking of the bone and sagging of the sinus cavity may not leave enough bone structure for dental implants. A sinus lift places bone grafting material underneath the sinus cavity to build up proper bone height.


Ridge Augmentation

Tooth loss, especially the loss of multiple teeth, can leave defects and unevenness along the jaw bone ridge. A ridge augmentation restores the natural contours of the jaw ridge by adding bone grafting material to the area.


Guided Tissue Regeneration

Trauma or disease can cause bone loss around otherwise healthy teeth. Guided tissue regeneration replaces bone around the tooth and covers the area with a membrane to allow for faster healing by keeping the soft tissue separated.


Plasma Rich Growth Factors

Plasma rich growth factors (PRGF) aids in bone regeneration with help from proteins found in the patient’s own blood. PRGF, when placed at the bone grafting site, help to accelerate healing by releasing these growth factors.


Bone Morphogenetic Protein

Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) are growth factors that aid in the regeneration of bone and cartilage. BMP placed at the bone grafting site help to stimulate regeneration and growth of new bone at an accelerated rate.



PIEZOSURGERY® is a technique that uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut bone without causing trauma to the gum tissue. The precision and accuracy of this technique minimizes pain, bleeding, and swelling and improve patient healing.

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