Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for Receded Gums in Venice, Florida

Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for Receded Gums in Venice

Dr. Feldman is one of only a few dentists in the country who provide this breakthrough, minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum grafting procedures.

Breakthrough, minimally invasive technique to treat receded gums

It is vital that gum recession be treated effectively. Receded gums not only result in the roots of teeth being exposed, they also leave your gum tissues vulnerable to bacterial infection and disease. Traditional gum grafting treatment consists of removing healthy tissue from one area of the mouth and placing it into the area in need of restoration. Traditional gum grafting requires surgical procedures that use incisions and sutures.

Dr. Feldman provides an alternative to conventional grafting treatment with the innovative Chao Pinhole® Surgery Technique. In some cases, this minimally invasive technique can be used to stably and effectively repair receded gums without any grafting and stitching. Dr. Feldman is one of the few dentists in the United States currently offering this treatment.

No cutting, no sutures, faster recovery time

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique allows Dr. Feldman to treat up to 14 teeth at one time. Treatment is done using local anesthetic, and the entire procedure can be performed in only one or two hours. Because there is no cutting, grafting or suturing, recovery time much shorter than with traditional gum recession surgery. Patients often resume their regular daily activities the next day.

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique was developed in 2006 by Dr. John Chao, and has been shown in studies to uniformly yielded good and lasting results.

The Pinhole Surgery Procedure

Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for Receded Gums in Venice

With this minimally invasive procedure, the treated gum tissues often heal completely within 24 hours.

Because traditional gum grafting requires removing healthy tissue from one area in the patient’s mouth and grafting it onto the affected gum area, conventional procedures create two surgical sites that need healing after treatment.

With the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique, no actual grafting is performed, and there is no need to remove healthy tissue from another area. Additionally, no incisions are used in the area in need of treatment—only minute “punctures” of the gum tissue are made (the size of a pinhole), making healing time extremely short.

Before starting the procedure, the affected area is cleaned and prepared for treatment using a local anesthetic. Dr. Feldman creates very small “pinhole” openings in the gum tissue with an instrument especially developed for this procedure. Through the pinholes, additional specialized instruments are used to gently separate the outer and inner layers of gum tissue and “loosen it up”. When this has been done across the entire that needs to be treated, the position of the entire gumline is adjusted all at once to cover the exposed tooth roots. The doctor then inserts collagen strips to help hold the gums in place and promote healing.

Usually, by the next day, the pinholes have healed with no visible traces.

The benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique

  • Much quicker recovery time than with traditional grafting
  • No scalpels or invasive surgical tools
  • Far more comfortable than traditional grafting
  • No sutures
  • No need to remove healthy tissue from elsewhere in your mouth
  • Exceptional, natural-looking, long-lasting results

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