Periodontal Maintenance in Venice, Florida

Periodontal Maintenance

Our friendly, highly experienced hygienist will assist you with periodontal maintenance cleanings, as well as with helpful information and tips on your home oral care between visits.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy with expert oral care

Gum disease is a persistent condition that, once treated, requires regular checkups and maintenance to ensure that the disease remains inactive. Once Dr. Feldman has eliminated your gum infection, our experienced hygienist will ensure your oral health is maintained with thorough professional cleanings.

We are very thorough in monitoring gum health, and any sign of newly developed gum disease is met with rapid intervention. As part of our care, we look for any factors that may have contributed to your gum disease being able to develop in the first place, and we will thoroughly educate you on these factors and on what you can do at home to maintain the health of your gums between visits.

Gentle, thorough cleanings

Our excellent, friendly hygienist has extensive knowledge and years of experience in in treating periodontal issues. She uses ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments to thoroughly but gently remove plaque and calculus from your teeth, and smoothen the surfaces of your tooth roots.

Dr. Feldman will schedule the frequency of your hygiene maintenance appointments at timely intervals appropriate for you, so that your teeth and gums stay healthy. He will coordinate and alternate your periodontal maintenance appointments with regular cleanings at your general dentist.

With his innovative Snyapshot® software program, Dr. Feldman can easily share your complete history with 3D images, X-rays and notes with your general dentist by email. This complete, visual data file provides a clear channel of communication to everyone involved in your dental care so that your treatment is fully coordinated.

Home oral care education

Periodontal Maintenance

You will be educated on what to do to help keep your gums in optimum condition between professional cleaning appointments.

Home oral care is vital for the success of any gum disease treatment. Our hygienist will show you how to effectively brush and floss without causing damage to your gums, and she will recommend brands of products you can use for daily maintenance.

She will use computer animations, flip charts, models and large toothbrushes to make sure that your home care instructions are easy to understand, and that you know exactly what to do.

Also, during each subsequent appointment, you will receive a new assessment of the condition of your gums to ensure that your care is adequate and working well. If needed, we will do more training with you to guarantee effective daily maintenance and no recurrence of gum disease.

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