New Teeth in One Day in Venice, Florida

New Teeth in One Day

Dr. Feldman uses advanced dental technology to provide you with a full new set of teeth in a single day.

Secure, natural-looking teeth in as little as one day

Are you tired of loose and uncomfortable dentures?

denturesinglassDr. Feldman can provide you with natural-looking full-arch replacement teeth that are permanently attached to dental implants anchored in the jawbone. These implant-supported teeth are more comfortable, stable and reliable than removable dentures, and will give you close to full chewing power. They will also prevent the loss of jawbone density and volume that occurs when teeth are lost.

In the vast majority of cases, Dr. Feldman can do the whole procedure in one day with the SmartFix® full-arch teeth replacement procedure.

How SmartFix® works

implant-denturesDr. Feldman places dental implants at precise angles in strategic locations to provide the greatest amount of support for the denture. Usually this entails six implants on the upper arch and four on the lower arch, although Dr. Feldman might place additional implants if needed for optimum support.

Precise planning for precise placement

Dr. Feldman carefully plans the placement of the dental implants for the greatest stability. To determine the best placement positions, he will obtain a 3D CT scan of your mouth and jaw. These images show where the bone is strongest and where implants can be optimally positioned. The information from the scan can also be used to create surgical guides for precise placement.

Preparation of high-quality new teeth

Dr. Feldman works closely with excellent local restorative dentists who use high-quality materials to create your restorations. He guides the entire treatment process to ensure that your teeth not only look good, but that they will also be fully stable and that the bite is comfortable.

Implants and new teeth in the same day

Dr. Feldman and his team of assistants can perform any needed extraction and place the implants on both arches in the same day. After the implants are placed, a temporary set of teeth will be mounted onto them by the restorative dentist. You will never be left without teeth.

Final restorations

Same Day Teeth

You will receive a full new set of teeth that look totally natural and will allow you to smile with confidence.

Dr. Feldman will see you regularly over the next several months to monitor the progress of your implants. The restorative dentist will create your final set of teeth while your implants are healing. Once the implants are stable and fused to the jawbone (which Dr. Feldman can determine with a special implant stability meter), your final teeth will be attached.
These new teeth will look totally natural, provide you with 90% full chewing power and will look and function like regular teeth. You will be able to speak normally, eat whatever you want and smile with total confidence!

New Patient Special Offer
Exam, X-Rays & Consultation

In order to find out if you are candidate for SmartFix, come and see Dr. Feldman for an in-depth examination.
New Teeth in One Day

  • Full digital X-rays
  • 3D CT scan and photos as necessary
  • Full clinical exam by Dr. Feldman
  • Answer any questions
  • Take-home treatment plan with full illustrations and images from the interview
  • Follow-up session for further questions if needed

Charitable Giving Campaign

Receive the above diagnostic and consultation services by making a donation of $100 to one of our chosen seven charities. Dr. Feldman will match your donation if you accept treatment! This is a $550 value!

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