Laser Gum Disease Treatment in Venice, Florida

Laser Gum Disease Surgery

Dr. Feldman will explain every detail of your procedure before treatment.

The minimally invasive approach to treating gum disease

Dr. Feldman uses advanced laser technology to provide effective, minimally invasive treatment for gum disease. Using a special dental laser, he is able to achieve excellent results in most patients—even in the majority of cases where the disease has progressed to an advanced stage. Laser-assisted procedures efficiently remove diseased tissue with minimal harm to surrounding, healthy tissue, and patients generally experience far less post-treatment discomfort than with conventional surgical procedures.

Dr. Feldman works with a team of three assistants during all laser gum treatment procedures. This enables him to treat the entire mouth in one session, reducing the risk of complications and making the procedure even more efficient and comfortable for patients.

Experienced, knowledgeable expert

Dr. Feldman was a pioneer in the use of laser technology for gum disease treatment. In 1992, he was the first periodontist in Sarasota County to use a laser in this way. He later co-developed a laser gum treatment procedure that is gentle and minimally invasive, usually requires no dental injections. Dr. Feldman is considered an expert in his field and has lectured nationally on the subject, helping to make the use of this technology more widespread.

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Exam, X-rays & Consultation

Dr. Feldman can examine you and let you know how laser treatment can benefit you.
Laser Gum Disease Surgery

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  • 3D CT scan and photos as necessary
  • Full clinical exam by Dr. Feldman
  • Answer any questions
  • Take-home treatment plan with full illustrations and images from the interview
  • Follow-up session for further questions if needed

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What is Laser Gum Disease Treatment?

Laser gum disease treatment is a gentle, conservative, minimally invasive method of treating gum disease. The laser precisely targets the infected areas, eliminating harmful bacteria and diseased tissue without affecting surrounding, healthy tissue. With laser-assisted gum procedures, there is little need for traditional scalpels or sutures which usually have to be removed during a subsequent appointment.

The laser stimulates the re-growth of healthy gum tissue which then snugly reattaches to the surfaces of your teeth, eliminating any spaces where new bacteria might lodge. It also desensitizes tooth roots, which increases patient comfort. Additionally, due to the less invasive nature of laser-assisted treatment, healing time is much faster than with traditional gum surgery.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment procedure

Precise diagnosis

Laser Gum Disease Treatment

We use 3D CT scans for precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

Dr. Feldman will do a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth and gums, using his 3D CT scanner and two-dimensional X-rays to come to a precise diagnosis.

As part of his examination he will perform a periodontal probe, using a thin probing instrument to gently measure the depth of your gum pockets (spaces between your teeth and gums).

Dr. Feldman will let you know if you are a candidate for laser gum disease treatment, or if it is likely that conventional periodontal surgery will be needed.

Scaling away the tartar

The next step of the procedure is the removal of the tartar or calculus from the tooth root. We use special ultrasonic scalers which use high-frequency sound waves to break up and remove these hard deposits. Ultrasonic scalers are gentler on the teeth and more comfortable for patients than traditional instruments. If necessary, we will use traditional instruments to remove any remaining hard deposits after ultrasonic scaling.

Targeted elimination of diseased tissue

Laser Gum Disease Surgery

Dr. Feldman uses an advanced dental laser to target diseased tissues without affecting surrounding, healthy tissues.

The dental laser consists of a tiny laser fiber about the thickness of three human hairs, which is inserted into the gum pocket.

The laser selectively targets only the diseased gum and bone tissues and leaves healthy tissues alone. The laser destroys the bacteria that cause gum disease, disinfects the pocket and stimulates your bone and gum tissue to regrow snugly around your tooth, leaving no space for new bacteria to lodge.

Sealing the gum pocket

Dr. Feldman uses the laser to seal the treated tissues inside he gum pocket, usually eliminating the need for sutures.

Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

As technology evolves and breakthroughs are made in dentistry, Dr. Feldman is committed to staying up-to-date and offering the latest and most advanced treatments to our patients in order to provide the highest standard of care. Utilizing a laser to treat gum disease, Dr. Feldman can provide the following benefits and advantages:

Minimally invasive, fast procedure

The laser is a fast and efficient minimally invasive tool for treating gum disease. The laser is able to target the diseased tissues very precisely and leave healthy tissues unharmed, resulting in minimal loss of bone and gum tissue compared to traditional gum surgery.

Reduced risk of gum recession after treatment

Also, with conventional procedures, gum recession may occur after treatment. The risk of this is significantly reduced with laser procedures.

Safer for patients with certain health conditions

Additionally, the minimally invasive nature of our laser method makes it a safer procedure for patients with bleeding disorders or other health problems.

Faster recovery time

Because laser gum treatment is less invasive, healing time is also greatly reduced. Patients can usually return to their normal activity and normal diet the same day. Additionally, Dr. Feldman will treat the entire mouth in one appointment, so there is only one healing cycle.

Increased patient comfort

Laser gum treatment has a minimal effect on the surrounding bone and healthy tissue, making the procedure more comfortable for patients. Dr. Feldman also uses the laser to desensitize the tooth roots, making the treatment gentler. The nature of this technique is such that he can perform the entire procedure with little or no anesthesia in one appointment.

Reliable results

As a pioneer in the use of laser technology, Dr. Feldman has had ample opportunity to observe the long-term results of laser gum treatment. Even in cases of advanced gum disease, where bone is extensive, the laser is able to significantly reduce the chronic inflammation and stabilize the bone surrounding the tooth roots, often saving teeth that previously would have needed to be extracted. Laser treatment is effective for the majority of patients, and produces reliable and predictable results.

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