Gum Disease Treatment in Venice, Florida

Highly skilled and knowledgeable specialist in Gum Disease Treatment

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Feldman is a highly experienced periodontist—an expert in the treatment of gum disease.

Dr. Feldman is a highly experienced periodontist, a dental specialist in the treatment of the gums and other tissues supporting the teeth. During his 40-plus-year career, he has aimed to provide his patients with the highest standard of care by staying up-to-date with the latest technological developments at all times.

As such, Dr. Feldman was one of the first dentists to use a dental laser in gum disease treatment, and he was the co-developer of a special technique to perform laser gum disease treatment without the need for anesthesia. As an instructor, he has also shared his knowledge of laser-assisted treatment with other dentists, lecturing nationally on this topic.

Dr. Feldman uses a conservative approach in gum disease treatment—meaning that he will use modern, gentle, advanced procedures as a preference, doing whatever he can to effectively treat gum disease in the most comfortable and minimally invasive manner. Patients frequently comment that Dr. Feldman is not only highly skilled and knowledgeable in what he does, but that he is also a very gentle and caring dentist who truly makes them feel comfortable during treatment.

An experienced team for maximum efficiency and patient comfort

In order to maximize efficiency and patient comfort, Dr. Feldman has developed an “eight-handed” technique where he has three assistants assisting him at all times with all gum disease treatments. This technique reduces the length of procedures, which is more comfortable for the patient and promotes faster healing of the tissues after the procedure has been completed.

Our treatment team includes two registered dental assistants and a registered nurse. All our team members are highly trained and experienced and have been working with us for a long time.

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Exam, X-rays & Consultation

Dr. Feldman can examine you during a personal consultation and let you know the extent of any gum disease you may have, and what the treatment options are.
Gum Disease Treatment in Venice

  • Full digital X-rays
  • 3D CT scan and photos as necessary
  • Full clinical exam by Dr. Feldman
  • Answer any questions
  • Take-home treatment plan with full illustrations and images from the interview
  • Follow-up session for further questions if needed

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Effective Gum Disease Treatment

Accurate diagnosis

Dr. Feldman will do a thorough examination of your mouth. He will use our 3D CT scanner to assess your gums and any bone loss and connective tissue loss. He will do a periodontal probe, using a thin, gentle probing instrument to measure the depth of your pocket gums.

Thorough deep cleaning

In the first phase of stage of treatment, Dr. Feldman will stabilize your gum disease by addressing the inflammation of your gums. Using a team of three assistants, he will perform a deep cleaning of the entire mouth all at one time (also known as “scaling and root planing”). The so-called “eight-handed” technique that Dr. Feldman developed makes the procedure quicker and more efficient, since the entire cleaning can be performed in one appointment. This also eliminates the risk of residual bacteria reinfecting already cleaned areas of the mouth between visits. .

The “scaling” part of the procedure involves removing any bits of hardened plaque (tartar) that have become fixed to the surfaces of your teeth. Our team uses ultrasonic scalers with high-frequency vibrations to loosen and break up these tartar deposits. Ultrasonic scalers are more comfortable for patients and we use them as much as possible. If needed, we will also use traditional hand instruments to finish the job.

We will finish the cleaning by performing a procedure known as “root planing”. We use special instruments to smoothen (plane) the root surfaces of the teeth, making it difficult for new bacteria to attach themselves to those surfaces.

Minimally invasive laser gum treatment

After your deep cleaning, Dr. Feldman will reassess the condition of your gums. If necessary, he will use minimally invasive dental laser technology to remove bacteria that cannot be reached with deep cleaning. Our dental laser targets the infected tissue without harming the surrounding, healthy tissues.

Unlike traditional gum surgery, our minimally invasive laser procedure does not require sutures. The laser stimulates the growth of new gum tissue, making the healing process more comfortable and much faster.

Learn more about Dr. Feldman’s minimally invasive Laser Gum Surgery.

Dr. Feldman is able to effectively treat even severe cases of gum disease with the dental laser, but there are some instances where traditional “periodontal flap surgery” may be required in combination with laser treatment (see below).

Antibiotic therapy

To fully ensure that no bacteria are remaining after your deep cleaning and laser procedures, Dr. Feldman will prescribe an antibiotic to get rid of any last bacterial residues. The antibiotic he recommends is not susceptible to deactivation by any foods, so you are not limited in what you can eat while taking this prescription.

Periodontal flap surgery

Using deep cleaning, laser treatment and antibiotics, Dr. Feldman is able to control gum disease in many of his patients. On some occasions, when these treatments prove inadequate for dealing with gum disease, Dr. Feldman may need to perform the conventional periodontal surgery known as “flap” surgery.

During this procedure, Dr. Feldman will lift back sections of the gums and remove the bacterial deposits that have nestled very deep under the gumline, and if necessary, he will smooth out any irregular bone surfaces to make it difficult for new bacteria to attach. The gum tissues are then snugly reattached to the tooth, eliminating any spaces for new bacteria to get into. Dr. Feldman is a highly skilled surgeon and as with any gum treatment procedure, he uses a team of three experienced assistants to make sure this procedure is performed effectively and as quickly as possible.

Growth factor healing

Gum disease breaks down the bone and connective tissue that hold your teeth in its place.  Dr. Feldman will use special “growth proteins” to assist and accelerate the regrowth of bone and soft tissue. These proteins minimize discomfort, prevent infection and aid in the healing process.

Home care education

Your home oral care is vital for the success of any treatment. Using computer animations, flip charts, models and large toothbrushes, our hygienist will thoroughly educate you on best practices for home care. She will recommend brands of products to use and give you many other tips on how to best maintain the health of your gums between visits.

Periodontal maintenance visits

In order to keep gum disease at bay after treatment, you will need to come in for regular cleaning visits. Our friendly hygienist is highly skilled in periodontal maintenance cleanings and will closely monitor the state of your gums after treatment. At each appointment, you will receive a new assessment of the health of your gums and if necessary, your home care program will be adjusted and you will receive further instruction in keeping your gums free of disease.

Soft-tissue grafts for receded gums

Gum disease can cause your gums to pull back from the teeth, exposing the root surfaces of your teeth to damage and decay. Dr. Feldman can perform soft-tissue grafts to restore your gumline.

Dr. Feldman uses microsurgical instruments in all gum grafting procedures to minimize post-operative discomfort and healing time. Whenever possible, he also uses a special, minimally invasive gum grafting technique that is more gentle and more comfortable for patients than conventional gum grafts.

Learn More about Gum Grafting here.

Bone grafting to treat bone loss

Periodontal disease can also damage the jawbone that supports your teeth. Dr. Feldman can perform bone grafting procedures that augment the bone in your jaw.

He uses special “growth proteins” to stimulate the growth of strong and dense bone.

See our Bone Grafting page for more information.

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