Cosmetic Gum Treatment in Venice, Florida

Cosmetic Gum Treatment in Venice

Dr. Feldman provides experienced cosmetic gum treatment for natural, aesthetic-looking results.

Skilled treatment for uneven gumlines and gummy smiles

Uneven gums or gums that are too prominent can detract from a smile. When the crowns of your teeth are covered by excess gum tissue, it can make your teeth look too small. This is often referred to as a “gummy smile.” Uneven gums can cover some teeth more than others, making the teeth look uneven in size, or crooked.

Dr. Feldman and his team of assistants efficiently perform gum resculpting procedures that correct a gummy smile and recontour the gum lines. Dr. Feldman does extensive diagnostics before treatment, laying the groundwork for a minimally invasive and effective procedure. He will remove the excessive gum tissue to reveal your healthy tooth enamel, using only a gentle soft tissue laser whenever possible.

Correcting a gummy smile

A “gummy smile” is a condition where teeth appear shorter due to an overabundance of bone and gum tissue covering the teeth, making them look smaller than usual.

This is both a cosmetic and dental health issue since extra gum tissue also makes it harder to keep teeth clean.

To correct a gummy smile, Dr. Feldman uses his laser to gently remove the excess gum and bone tissue and expose the full crown of the teeth. He then resculpts the gum line to its correct height, width and shape around each tooth. When this is completed, the teeth will appear normal in size, and your smile will look natural and attractive.

Correcting an uneven gum line

Cosmetic Gum Treatment

We use photos of your smile as part of treatment planning.

An uneven gum line can make your teeth look asymmetrical or disproportionate to each other, diminishing the overall beauty of your smile.

Dr. Feldman can correct this by gently recontouring the gumline around your teeth, making it even and symmetrical.

Functional crown lengthening

If you have a tooth that needs a restoration below the gum line, it may be necessary to remove some of the surrounding gum and bone tissue so that the dentist has proper access to the area in need of treatment. This is known as “crown lengthening” because it results in the natural crowns (white part of the tooth above the gumline) appearing to be longer.

Dr. Feldman is very familiar with this procedure and will perform in a manner that is as minimally invasive as possible.

Read more about Functional Crown Lengthening.

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