Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts in Venice, Florida

Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts

Dr. Feldman is a very experienced, highly skilled specialist in bone grafting procedures.

A highly skilled expert in regenerating lost bone

Bone loss can occur because of a gum infection reaching down to the bone level and eating away the bone tissues in your jaw (as with moderate to advanced gum disease), or it can occur due to missing teeth. Bone loss can have a detrimental effect on your facial structure and it can create numerous oral health problems. It can also be an obstacle to the placement of dental implants, which need a certain amount of bone for proper support. Bone grafting can be performed to restore the bone tissue to its previous size and shape.

Dr. Feldman is an expert in bone regeneration. He has the skills and knowledge in advanced bone grafting procedures to treat the most difficult and challenging cases. He also keeps up-to-date on the latest advancements in bone grafting materials and procedures, so that he can provide his patients with effective and reliable, state-of-the-art bone restoration.

Bone loss and bone regeneration

The jawbone is preserved by continuous, natural regeneration, which is stimulated by chewing and biting forces. When these stimulating forces are removed (because teeth are missing), the bone in the affected area is reabsorbed into the body. This is called bone resorption.The body uses this mechanism to extract valued calcium so that it can be used elsewhere in the body, since the calcium is considered to be no longer needed in the area where stimulation has ceased. Bone deterioration begins almost immediately after a tooth is lost or removed and continues throughout life.

Bone grafting helps the body regrow bone where it has been lost, restoring the functionality and aesthetics of the jawbone and teeth. Dr. Feldman will place a bone graft to regenerate bone needed for tooth support, for dental implant placement, or to improve the appearance of your smile.

Bone grafts for dental implants
Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts

Dr. Feldman always ensures there is enough bone support before the placement of implants. He will place a bone graft at the implant site to regenerate the bone needed for the implant to be strongly anchored. In some cases he can place the bone graft at the same time as placing the implant, allowing the graft and the implant to heal together.

Socket preservation after tooth extraction

Dr. Feldman will always try to repair your natural teeth as his first course of action, but there are instances where it is better for a tooth to be replaced. In that case, he will gently remove your tooth, and after extraction, he will place bone grafts in the empty socket. Over time, the grafting material will be absorbed in the body and replaced with regrowth of your own natural, surrounding bone.

Building tooth support

A tooth can have bone loss around it that compromises its stability, and this could even lead to loss of the tooth. Dr. Feldman will graft bone material into the area where bone is lacking, to rebuild proper tooth support.

Building up the jawbone

People who wear dentures and bridges often experience bone loss at specific points of the ridgeline of the jawbone. This happens due to lack of stimulation at those particular points, and will cause unsightly gaps in those areas (under the prosthetics). Dr. Feldman will use bone grafts to build the ridge back to its former level.

Sinus lifts

  • Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts
  • Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts

When you have back teeth missing in your upper arch and bone loss occurs in those areas, the sinus cavities behind your cheeks expand downward, leaving just a thin wall of bone between the sinus and mouth. This is also referred to as a “dropping” of the sinus floor.

When an implant needs to be placed in one of the affected areas, bone grafting is necessary to provide enough support for the implant to be stably anchored. This is known as a sinus lift because it has the result of “lifting” the floor of the sinus back into its original position.

Dr. Feldman is highly skilled in this procedure. He is able to perform sinus lifts where it is only necessary to raise part of the sinus floor for the placement of a single implant, and he can also perform procedures where he raises the entire sinus floor to allow for the placement of multiple implants.

Bone Grafting procedures

The goal of the bone grafting process is to coax the body into rebuilding the bone and connective tissue that attach a tooth to the jaw. Dr. Feldman will place biocompatible grafting material into the space where the bone is missing. This material then stimulates the growth of fresh bone tissue that replaces the bone that was lost.

There are a variety of bone graft materials that can be used for bone regeneration, including synthetic bone tissue material that is designed to mimic human tissue. Dr. Feldman will use the one most appropriate for your circumstances. He uses the latest, state-of-the-art technology to make his bone grafting procedures minimally invasive and highly efficient, and more comfortable for patients.

3D imaging technology for precise, detailed planning

Using the cone beam 3D CT scanner, Dr. Feldman is able to get a comprehensive, 360° view of the area where the bone graft needs to be placed. The images can be viewed from any angle and they can be magnified to show specific areas in more detail. Dr. Feldman uses these images to determine the density, size and shape of your bone tissues, which helps him to lay out a detailed and precise treatment plan.

Growth proteins for faster healing

As part of all bone grafting procedures, Dr. Feldman uses growth proteins to further stimulate bone growth. These special proteins encourage bone regeneration and also work to prevent swelling and infection. They help to reduce healing time after the procedure.

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