Accelerated Orthodontics in Venice, Florida

Accelerated Orthodontics

Straighten your teeth effectively in 3 to 8 months

If you are in need of teeth straightening but dread the idea of having to wear braces for several years, you might benefit from a breakthrough orthodontic procedure called accelerated orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment usually takes 18 to 36 months, but with accelerated orthodontics, treatment time can often be reduced to 3 to 8 months. Dr. Feldman can perform this procedure for you, in coordination with your orthodontist.

How does Accelerated Orthodontics work?

Traditional orthodontics move your teeth and tooth roots without moving the bone that supports them. This takes a long time and puts strain on the bone. The accelerated orthodontics procedure consists of making small vertical grooves in the bone tissues. These grooves allow your bone tissues to move along with your teeth. Using this method, your teeth can be moved faster, and without strain on the bone.

Experienced and skilled care

Accelerated Orthodontics

Dr. Feldman will use our 3D CT scanner to obtain detailed images of your teeth and jaw, for precise treatment planning.

Dr. Feldman is a highly skilled surgeon and a specialist in treatments of the jawbone. He will use our state-of-the-art 3D CT scanner to obtain detailed images of your teeth, jaws and head, so that he can plan out your procedure in precise detail. During treatment, he uses a team of three assistants, so that your procedure can be performed quickly and effectively.

Our Accelerated Orthodontics procedure

Examination and coordination with your orthodontist

Dr. Feldman will perform a thorough comprehensive exam and review your dental and medical history. He will then coordinate with your orthodontist to determine if accelerated orthodontics treatment is the best course of action for you.

Before any treatment, Dr. Feldman will explain every step of the procedure in terms that are understandable. Dr. Feldman is known as a very patient doctor, and he will take the time to answer any questions you may have, so that you can feel confident and at ease about your treatment.

3D CT scanner for precise treatment planning

As part of your initial examination, Dr. Feldman will use our 3D CT scanner to obtain detailed, 360° images of your teeth, jaws and head. This will help him to formulate a precise treatment plan.

Quick, efficient procedure

This minor surgical procedure only requires local anesthesia, and oral sedation is also available. Dr. Feldman will be assisted by two highly trained dental assistants and a registered nurse, so that the procedure can be performed quickly and efficiently, reducing healing time and making the procedure more comfortable.

Dr. Feldman can also provide bone and gum grafting at the same time, as needed.

This procedure may result in minor discomfort for a few days after treatment—however, with accelerated orthodontics there is usually much less discomfort than with traditional orthodontic treatment.

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