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It is our privilege to welcome you to our office where we believe the finest periodontal and dental implant care is provided. The practice of Dr. Steven Feldman, a highly trained periodontist in Sarasota County, located in our historic house in Venice FL, treats not only periodontal disease but is an implant dentist who has surgically place over 16,000 dental implants since 1987. He is also highly skilled in laser gum surgery as he has been using a laser to treat gum disease since 1992. He was the first periodontist in Sarasota County to use a laser for gum surgery. He wrote one of the earliest research papers on laser gum surgery.

Dr. Steven Feldman is proud to offer all periodontal care and the surgical placement of dental implants to the residents of Venice, FL, Sarasota FL and Sarasota County. Our office is located at 236 Milan Avenue West , Venice FL 34285.

Our office was originally built in 1926 as a home by the Brotherhood of Railroad Engineers. We converted into our office in 1984, while painstakingly preserving its historical integrity. It is now a part of the history of Venice, Florida. Come see for yourself and experienced a dental office designed to blend the most sophisticated and state of the art technologies and procedures in dentistry with a sensitive and comfortable environment that can put even the most anxious patient completely at ease. Dr. Feldman and his welcoming and highly trained staff look forward to meeting with you and guiding you through your journey to optimum dental health.

Restoring something as important as dental function is a very special and a personal undertaking, involving medical expertise, artistic skill, and the highly focused care of an experienced team of professionals. At our office every individual receives paramount attention in the building of their individualized treatment plan.

Our staff is dedicated to the tradition of excellence that has characterized this practice since 1974. Together, we look forward to providing you with a consultation using our state of the art Carestream 3D technology that will be a visually interactive experience for you. Upon leaving our office after your visit, we will provide you with the pictorial SYNAPSHOT treatment plan of your care plan emailed or to take home with you.

We are specialists in the field of Periodontology. Our surgical expertise has led us to focus not only on diseases of the gums but tooth replacement via dental implants. As dentistry has changed so have we. The use of the dental laser has allowed us to correct the “gummy smile”, eliminate some periodontal pockets quickly and effectively, with little discomfort. We have begun to use a new medical bone growing procedure in our dental practice from Medtronic which now allows us to safely and easily grow bone for dental implants. Diagnostics and careful planning, advanced procedures, and our traditional periodontal and grafting techniques are the cornerstone of our surgical practice. Welcome!

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